A guide to worthwhile, long-lasting home renovation jobs

Install railings to make your property secure

As well as the superficial renovation jobs like painting and decorating, you might be considering what you could do in your property that will have long-lasting positive effects. You may change the appearance of your home every year, but some jobs – when done properly – can last well into the future.

Keep reading for a guide to some big jobs that are really worth doing.

Install insulation

With gas and electricity prices increasing all the time, now is the time to think about having your property insulated, if you haven’t already. In many cases you could be eligible for free loft and cavity wall insulation, with councils having set aside funding for insulation to be installed in certain post code areas and in the homes of people in receipt of various benefits.

It’s worth doing some research to see if you’re eligible for free insulation, or a grant towards the overall cost, as you could cut your energy bills by around £250 a year.

Draught-proof windows and doors

Home UPVC French DoorsAnother way to potentially shave £50 or so from your annual energy bills is to draught-proof your windows and doors. While this can cost hundreds of pounds to have done professionally, you may be entitled to have such measures carried out for free in accordance with government schemes like Warm Front, or you could simply do it yourself for around £120.

If your windows are single glazed, you can invest in some window film to create a double-glazed effect, although this may need re-stretching periodically. You could try fitting window foam seals around windows, or spray foam sealant into gaps.

External & internal French doors with draught excluders, eco-flap letterbox backs and keyhole covers can all help to repel cold breezes, along with weather-bars and door brush seals.

Install secure fencing

With the recent blustery weather causing damage to fences across the nation, it might be time to think about erecting some sturdy and secure replacements. There are all sorts of fences and railings to choose from, constructed in a variety of materials including steel, acrylic and timber, so your fencing can be as attractive as it is practical.

Browse metal railings for a longwearing solution to blown-down fences, take a look at security gates for alleyways on your property or consider transparent panels that prevent children from going astray – but also let you see what they’re doing!

Address subsidence

If you’ve started to notice cracks in your property, either internally or externally, you should be aware that these may be signs of subsidence. If the external cracks measure at least 3mm in width and there are cracks inside your home too that seem to be getting worse, it might be time to call in professional assessors.

Most incidents of subsidence can be rectified but the issue will need addressing once you discover it. Leaking water from pipes and drains or tree/bush roots underground that encroach on the building’s foundations can both be responsible for subsidence.

If you have buildings insurance, read your policy to see if you are covered for subsidence, or get in touch with the provider directly. If you are covered, the insurer will send out assessors who will compile a plan for rectifying the problem.

If you don’t have buildings insurance, you’ll need to contact a surveyor, who will assess the property and tell you what can be done.

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