Renovation tips for homeowners hoping to attract buyers

Make the right improvements to draw buyers

Taking the time to renovate your home can not only provide you with a space that looks better and is comfortable to relax in, but also create a house that is much more attractive to potential buyers. When the time comes to sell your house, you might find you can command a much higher asking price, so the time and money you put into improvements will have paid off.

Although it’s possible to put your personal stamp on virtually every aspect of a property, it would be a mistake to believe that all renovations will automatically result in a surge of your home’s valuation. If you are carrying out improvements with the specific intention of making a home more attractive to potential buyers, you’ll need to think carefully about the actual work that you do.

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Improve the bathroom and kitchen

Home Renovation AdviceThese rooms tend to be the areas that prospective purchasers place most emphasis on, so it’s worth spending time getting these up to a high standard. If the fixtures in the former are looking tired, it’s worth replacing these with a new bathroom suite.

Doing so will mean that you have a matching bath and/or shower, toilet and sink that complement each other, helping to create a cohesive, stylish look. Whether you choose to get an Ideal Standard bathroom suite or a set of fittings from another leading brand, a new bathroom is certain to appeal to buyers, as well as – of course – provide you with a more comfortable place to wash.

For largely similar reasons, upgrading your kitchen can also boost the asking price that you set for your property. As a general rule, buyers can be put off from making an offer on a home if they feel that they will have to put a lot of time and effort into renovating the kitchen as soon as they move in.

You can alleviate such concerns, as well as raise the overall value of your home, by replacing cabinets and surfaces that have developed excessive wear and tear over the years with new ones. It’s also a good idea to fit a new sink, while adding task lighting above worktops can help people to see what they are doing when preparing meals.

Decorate in neutral colours

Although you may like to express your personality through your choice of decor, it’s important to remember that not everybody will have the same taste as you. While having rooms painted in particularly garish colours may appeal to you, this might not go down as well with viewers.

As mentioned before, people can feel disinclined to put a bid in on a property if they think they’re going to have to make radical changes just to make it inhabitable.

Before your home goes up for sale, it’s a good idea to redecorate in neutral colours such as white, beige and cream. Not only are these likely to appeal to more people, but they also make it easier for potential buyers to picture how your house can be made into their home.

Wherever possible, you should use light colours, as these can help to make your home feel spacious and more inviting to buyers. This is something that may be particularly useful in areas where space tends to be at a premium, such as the bathroom.

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