How To Give Your Garden A Face-lift After Winter

Spring is just around the corner (if you look really hard) and that means it’s time to start thinking about the garden. It’s time to start planning those garden parties and the BBQs. Summer is the best time of the year to spend outside and your garden plays a big part.

Over the winter months, we tend to neglect our lawns and outside spaces. With March and April on their way, this guide will help you give it a much needed facelift. You’ll have it ready just in time for summer!

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The lawn – The grassy area is the heart of most people’s gardens. But we all know they can be a nightmare to maintain. The first thing to do is give it a good once-over with the lawnmower. Once you’ve done that, tackle the weeds that have built up over the winter. Get right down to the roots and remove them completely. Finish the edges with a strimmer and it will look sharp and brand new. There are, of course, alternatives here. For the busy gardener, artificial grass might be just what you need to keep it trim without any effort!

Cost Effective Easy Home Facelift ImprovementsFix and clean woodwork – Fences and sheds take a bit of a battering during the winter months. The wind and the rain can expose weaknesses and leave them in a bit of a state. Fix any large broken pieces and replace any large splintered parts. Sand the wood down, repaint it and finish with a protective varnish. That should see it through to next winter.

Pathways – The paths are a tricky one. The build up dirt and grime without even realising. The process is slow and takes place over a number of months. The trick here is getting your hands on a pressure hose. The fire high pressure water at the pathway and will remove stubborn dirt. You can have some fun by writing your name in the dirt too. That’s how powerful they are!

Flowers – To give your garden that final touch, head down to the garden centre and pick up some seeds. This needn’t be a big project. Once you have a few packets of seeds, simply sprinkle them where you want them. Try to use them to frame the garden or create a focal point with a flower bed.

Garden furniture – We all tend to put our garden furniture away over the winter. It’s far too cold to sit outside and they usually take a little battering if left out in the elements. The rain and wind will cause metal to rust and wood to rot. The early Spring months are the perfect time to assess the condition of your furniture. If they’re looking a little worse-for-wear, think about replacing them. You’ll thank yourself when you can sit out in the company of friends during the summer evenings.

Fixing up the garden can seem like a mammoth task after the harsh winters. Take a weekend to get it all out of the way and start preparing for the warmer months. The sun will soon be streaming down and we can get the BBQ out!

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