Top Tips for Choosing Your Conservatory Blinds

Determining which style of conservatory blind is right for your home is a big decision. Blinds come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and colours, and are much more than just something to look pretty around the window edge.

There is such a huge choice available on the market that we can often become overwhelmed. Read on to discover useful info about the different functions of the varying styles of conservatory blinds available.

They are also handy for minimising the glare that can reflect on the television screen making it difficult to see.

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Conservatory Blinds and Screens


These are one of the most popular blinds amongst conservatory owners. Pleated blinds are made of fabric and hang on wires to give your conservatory a classy, elegant feel whilst still being practical. They are great for regulating the temperature of the room as well as keeping out the sunlight.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are the luxurious choice for your conservatory. As they are made of fabric, Romans are available in a wide range of colours and styles. A downside of these sophisticated blinds is that they are prone to staining, and therefore probably not the most practical option if there are going to be children running about.


Essentially these blinds are a child friendly version of the roman blinds. They are of very similar style to the roman blind, but are typically made from slats of wood as opposed to fabric. These slats make it very simple for you to control the levels of heat and light that are right for you. Cleaning the slats is a quick and easy task, making this blind an ideal choice for families with small children that like to make mess.


These are a popular style of blind that can be found in rooms all over the house, not just conservatories. Designed to allow you to customise the amount of light and heat your room will be exposed to, roller blinds are easily unravelled and rolled back up. Special backing is available on good quality roller blinds to reflect sunlight and regulate the temperature of your conservatory.

Roof blinds

Conservatories can act like greenhouses on hot days. When it is particularly sunny the room can quickly overheat and become uncomfortable. A roof blind will block out the sunlight so is a great way to reduce the temperature of your conservatory, as well as keeping the sun out of your eyes.

Conservatory Blinds and Screens